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The greatness of the man is measured on the intelligence of the heart

To promote the Good by the promotion of health.

Health promotion is global, in its aspects of body, mind, spirit.

Heart Friends Around The World is an international movement, born on previous experiences of the association, of which maintains the basic structure, including the existing affiliated groups, aiming to promote human health through a route that develops in the body, mind and spirit.
Heart Friends Around The World is affiliated to the International Federation of Cardiology, collaborates with the World Health Organization, and in 1994 had already laid the foundations of its existence by involving in its programs physicians, cardiologists and patients worldwide, predominantly coming from low -and middle – income countries, to promote prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease.
Heart Friends Around The World believes in the importance of everyday life, in the relationship between body and mind, in the development of interpersonal relationships. It also considers the education of women as a priority for her health and that of his family.
Heart Friends Around The World believes that old age is an asset in the search for spiritual life, and that young people are a resource of health and values, although nowadays are mortified by excesses both in consumerism and in deprivation.
Heart Friends Around The World believes that the body needs a balanced diet in its supply of water, sugars, proteins and fats, recommending the consumption of fruit and vegetables several times a day. As the hunger must be fought, so the excessive introduction of calories, leading to obesity, diabetes and development of chronic non-communicable diseases, must be avoided.
Heart Friends Around The World proposes the practice of a regular physical activity, with a medium muscle commitment. A slow and prolonged race practice is a good basis for maintaining the health and the associated state of mental and physical well-being.
Heart friends Around The World believes that the proper use of drugs can help to maintain the state of health obtained by the treatment of the disease. It also believes that the pharmacological correction of potential risk factors is a practice to be fostered, according to the results of updated scientific publications. It also proposes to take action in order to produce new drugs at low cost, so that they can be used even in developing countries, protecting its right to health as an inalienable well for the human being.
Heart Friends Around The World considers that, in the relationship between doctor and patient, the positive attitude is a vital component to get that confidence, that mutual trust, which is so important for the recovery of health status.
Heart Friends Around The World finds its essence in the relationship between doctor and patient, striving to have a consistently positive attitude towards the patient and receiving in return what has been given in the form of Good for its professional and spiritual growth. The right man acts the Good for love of the Good, lives in the Good, in an independent manner by religion or no religion to which he belongs.
Heart Friends Around The World is in continuous search for figures of mystical expression such as religious, poets and philosophers who can indicate to us the most appropriate spiritual journey, namely that journey that opens us to a far greater reality and that helps us to expand our conscience. These figures will be proposed through their writings, so that everyone can have the freedom to create their own spiritual way.
Heart Friends Around The World is confident in the creativity of all the healthcare workers and citizens who recognize the Manifesto, so that they can be are carriers of dissemination of this thought.
“Care for the sick with a happy animus, ensoul happiness: the happiness of the others is contagious, so that my happiness is a little bit also yours.”

Bianzano, 5th of June 2008
Flavio Burgarella
Founder and Executive Director of Heart Friends Around The World