Kampala 2011

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time to plant a tree is now. With this African proverb ended the 3rd All Africa Conference on heart disease, diabetes and stroke, which was held in Kampala, Uganda, in the last days of May. Specialists from all the nations of the Sub-Saharan Africa were present and with them Heart Friends Around The World, an organization (today a movement) that was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1994 and whose vision is to promote the health through the promotion of the good. The founder and current Executive Director, Dr. Flavio Burgarella, brought these innovative two messages: the first is a model of cardiac rehabilitation (in Africa it is still not present) involving the doctors’ s hospital, nurses and patients. Patients themselves become so actors for prevention through change in lifestyles in respect of non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases. The second is the opportunity offered by the “Ospedali Riuniti” Clinical Hospital of Bergamo (in Lombardy region, Italy) and by five other Italian hospitals to donate medical equipment at their disposal during the moving of the hospital site. The Lombardy region will also provide specific training for the medical personnel who will receive this equipment. The importance of finding the best people receiving the equipment and using them on their population is the guarantee that Heart Friends Around The World are looking for and want to bring to the administrators of the Hospital of Bergamo, if selected as reliable partners. Continuing the African proverb: it is the time to plant the tree… Heart Friends Around The World are sowing the seed in the ground more favorable for its growth.