Congress in Beijing 2010

Subject: Congress in Beijing 2010
From: Flavio Burgarella
Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 11:14 PM
To: “” <>

Bergamo, Italy, 30.06.2009
Dear friends,
on behalf of the Board of Directors of Heart Friends Around The World,, I’d like to ask You the possibility to run a booth, free of charge, at the World Congress of Cardiology, in Beijing, China, 2010.

We had similar opportunity in the previous World Congress, in Berlin, Sidney, Barcelona, Buenos Aires (Dr. Oratio Faella is my good friend, and he gave us this opportunity in 2008). I remind that we are International Members of the World Heart Federation and we working toghether with Shanty Mendiss in WHO to promote the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Coronary Heart Diseases in the Developing Countries. I remain.
Thank You and Best regards
Flavio Burgarella
Founder and Executive Director
Heart Friends Around the World.

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