Flavio Burgarella – Il Fondatore

Heart Friends Around the World (HFATW) is an international organization and an affiliated member of the WHF that promotes CVD prevention worldwide through a membership network of over 1000 cardiologists in more than 100 countries.

A WHO/HFATW joint project is being established for the continuing medical education of health personnel in low-and middle-income countries.

melbourne1994-2014: Heart Friends Around The World (HFATW) celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its foundation with a symposium at the World Congress of Cardiology that was held a few days ago in Melbourne, Australia. It was attended by 16,000 cardiologists from 130 nations. The association, founded in Bergamo by the cardiologist Dr. Flavio Burgarella, has participated with its speakers from Iran, England, Spain and Cuba. The theme of the symposium was the organization of new models of cardiological prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in low and middle-income countries. Proposals for collaboration with the World Heart Federation, the organizer of the conference, have been presented. Heart Friends Around The World were also present with a booth run by Dr. Claudia Lazzaroni.The exposition was an occasion where to meet old and new friends from all over the world. African cardiologists were particularly grateful for the organization of the scholarship that had been held in Italy and for the setup of a web-based platform for scientific and cultural interchange.Among the plans for the future, there is the constitution of the Heart Mind Foundation that will be responsible for funding research related to a more holistic view of medicine and to scientifically validate what is emerging in the field of medical sciences and arts. Medical arts should be taken more into account, both for the continuous demand and interest from the users, and for the limited resources of a medicine which is economically in trouble.The new president of the association for the 2014-2017 period has been elected: the Indian cardiologist Dr. K.N. Siddiqui. The conference ended with the General Assembly of the World Federation of Cardiology, which was attended by Dr. Burgarella, the only Italian cardiologist admitted.The next meeting will be held in Mexico City in 2016.


Intervista a BergamoTV nella trasmissione VERSO CASA, ASPETTANDO IL TG del 22/07/2014 (vedi intervista)




Cuba , National Congress of Cardiology 2014, whith our friends Eduarto Rivas Estany, past president of HFATW,and president of  the congress , Alessandro Scalzini, and Claudio Marabotti, italian cardiologist on the board of HFATW.